Weight Management

weight loss/management support


Here at The Good Nutrition Guide we have our own weight loss programme called H.E.L.P (Healthy eating and lifestyle programme)

 We know that losing weight can be a challenge and that changing behaviour is hard. Making changes to the way we eat combined with an increase in activity levels can really help to achieve weight loss goals and improve mental and physical wellbeing. 

This unique programme offers 12 week’s of structured nutrition support designed and written by our Registered Nutritionist Alison Preston along with an exercise programme designed by experienced Personal Trainer Mike Spiring.


What to expect?

· Each session lasts for 90 minutes and consists of a session on nutrition followed by a tailored exercise session

· Nutrition advice is based on healthy eating principles so no weird food or missing out on food groups.

· Sessions will be solution focused, you decide what your goal will be

· Each session will cover a different nutrition topic

· Each session participants will be encouraged to set their own personal goal for the week.

““I really regret eating healthily today”   

— Said no one!